Marketing Strategies Of The Leading Companies

Before starting with marketing, you must identify the core values of your company. Things that your company stands for and what you truly believe in. The most important factor that you must consider is that what you want people to remember you for? The idea behind marketing is that show people how important your product is and how it can help you in your daily life.

Nike-digital-billboard-in-Johannesburg-asked-fans-to-submit-messagesThe top most companies that are known for their marketing not in their respective countries but all around the world are Nike, Apple, Disney, Google, Coca Cola and Sony. These companies have so many customers all around the world that they do not actually need to do marketing of their product. If we take the example of Apple, before even marketing of their newly launching product, people form lines outside the store in order to be the first one to put their hands on the product. The question arises that how did they make their product so reliable? People believe that if it’s Apple it has to be good. The company has made themselves so trustworthy that people do not even want to know what the product has to offer, they just want it because of their previous experiences. Moreover, the idea behind Apple is what sets it apart from any other company. They never stress on the idea that how they are better than any other mobile company like Windows and Samsung.  The great idea behind it is that be different and play your part to change the world. This is what they surely deliver in the form of their product.

Another very well known company is Nike. The main product they sell is shoes. However, they never tell how good their shoes are in their advertisements. They never tell how the air soles can be beneficial for your feet. However, they honour athletes and athletics. They follow their core values that they set up before the company was launched and that is what make them bigger than any other shoe company. Whenever you think of Nike, you think of sports, determination and loyalty. This is exactly what you get when you purchase a new pair of shoe from the company. Also the slogan of the company “Just do it” also serves its cause.

Once a product is bought, the job of the company is not over. They need to make sure that the product must serve its purpose as the company promises. For that purpose, these companies offer repair to the product to a certain time period and take responsibility if the product is damaged before the given date. This type of customer service enables a good relationship between the company and the clients.

What exactly makes a company stand out of the crowd? The easiest and the simplest answer is the quality, loyalty and how well is the customer service. However, that is not it. It is much bigger than we would have imagined. It is based on the values of the company and what it stands for.


How To Start Up With Marketing Of Your Business

Marketing is a way of connecting to your audience by displaying and presenting your product. It is a very important part of a business. Entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars every year in marketing of their product. They pay large sum of money in order to showcase their product. They ask their employees to come up with creative ideas in order to draw the attention of the people to increase the number of clients.

In the twenty first century, the trend of marketing has changed. People come up with unique ideas to seek attention. Nevertheless, with the advent of social media, business has never been easy. Through social networking sites, people contact customers. Young entrepreneurs kick start their business and develop big brands.

There are several ways how people can start up with their businesses. The following are the ways how you can start marketing of your business.

• Campaigning of your idea is also a very good way of marketing your product.  Firstly, you must come up with a good name for your brand. The name must be very catchy. Further, you must develop a cause and share the story with the public that touches the hearts of the audience. The idea should be strong enough to inspire others. You may also contact strong and powerful T.V channels that would publicize your brand. You can also start up a contest that attracts more people to enter. Involve your employees and hire people to do volunteering work.

company_profile• Next step is the image of your company. Hire celebrity ambassadors that will happily agree to become the face of your company. Select people that are involved in the similar cause. Partner up and shake hands with people that are running for the same cause that are not your competition. Choose a very catchy logo that whenever someone sees it, they know what it stands for.

• The content plays a vital role as well. Once you display your product, people may look up for it. They expect a whole lot of information that supports your idea. Therefore, give them the details of your product either through brochures or pamphlets.

• Organize concerts, carnivals and other different programs for entertainment. For good marketing, you need to be social. Bring people together and form a community. The bigger the better. In this way, people become aware of your product and would like to know about it.

• The best way of marketing is social media. Make an official account by the name of your company. You can make people like your page by organizing contests that will attract more people. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter play a great role in the promotion. Almost everyone has a facebook and a twitter account. Look up for things that attract public. Post stuff according to that and limit your statuses to 140 characters only because no one has the time to read long statuses. Therefore, your post must be short. You can also create creative hashtags.